Review Policy

We are a trio of friends who came together through our love of books. We have very different backgrounds and different tastes in books. Due to the fact that we each rate books on a completely different scale, we have decided to refrain from giving starred reviews on this blog, though we will chart our emotions while reading. If you wish to see our starred reviews, you can find each of us on GR. The links are in the side bar.

If you would like us to read and review your book, feel free to contact us at: (insert contact info here)

You can of course request that one of us in particular read your book, or all three. Needless to say, we will do our best to read your book as soon as possible but please keep in mind that all three of us are students.

Each of our reviews is personal. We spend a lot of time preparing our reviews and everything we put is our own personal opinion. Reviews will not be glossed for any reason. This said, we will of course endeavour to be polite even in negative reviews.

Tara (UK): I accept Paperbacks, Hardbacks and kindle books, but I also can read PDF format on my kindle. 
Preferred genres:  I read fantasies, mystery, Sci-Fi and other stuff - I Read both adult and YA and I'm happy to give anything a try. 

Rea (NL): I accept both hard copies and ebooks. I have a Kindle so .mobi files are preferred.
Preferred genres: I read a lot of fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, and romance - both adult and YA. I don't tend to read crime or thriller.

Jeshu (CL): Due to the fact that shipping to Chile (especially Magellan) is expensive, I only accept ebooks. I prefer them on epub format for the sake of my Sony Reader.
Preferred genres: I read fantasy, sci-fi and historical fiction most of the time. However, I'm open to every kind of genre!

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